Nothing is Impossible

I still have friends who still love writing their stories on their blogs. I just need to find time to have mine updated like theirs, but it's seriously difficult. Why? Because I don't have a time schedule to make it easier to do. I just watched Maudy Ayunda Youtube channel. She told that when she has big goal, she makes it simple by break it down to smaller goals so that she can achieve it one by one. Very inspiring! 

I'm telling this to myself: you can do it, Fer. Take a note, write down your big goals. Maybe I can start by writing blog first, tell the Universe that you have goals. Writing blog posts make me know what I love. What's next is read more books and journals, so I can easily inspired by those and make me wanna write one. I love reading and writing. I have the experiences such as getting a compensation of my writings, so why I don't carry on with it? You get paid and your thoughts can be absorbed by people out there. Lovely, right? I also want to have published article related to vocational education and technology on Scopus. Hopefully I can make it real soon. And so on... Once you achieve the smaller one, you can continue the next bigger one. Nothing is impossible.

3 komentar:

  1. Looking forward to your writings! Keep up the spirit 👍

  2. Keep it up!

    I do love writing stories to, and I'm still doing it until now heheheh

    So glad to know that you're inspired by my ex-girlfriend ;)))

    Good luck pak dos!

  3. i barely have time for blogging too. My work and my baby boy are currently occupy me so much. Glad that I start writing again after a very long hiatus


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