Bad Influence of @awkarin’s Account On Instagram for Young Generation

Instagram is one of the most successful social media based on photo and video sharing method. It is used by 500 million active users until June 2016. It enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them either publicly or privately on the app. I am also one of the active users who use it every day for entertainment. I have been following many accounts with average ages ranging between 15 until 45. 

One day I found a controversial account that all of people talk about. Who doesn’t know Karin Novilda a.k.a Awkarin? She is now famous because her photos show extremely inappropriate poses for her age. In fact she’s still 19 and she has more than 900K followers, mostly teenagers. In addition, every move she does was always be shared on her account, such as bad words, the caption she wrote, her poses with the boyfriend (now he is just the ex), the kissing scene, etc. She swears a lot. Those will be very dangerous impact for our young generation.

What Awkarin does is probably just seeking for attention but in a wrong way. Generally, teenagers do it because they don’t get the attention from the family, so they do whatever they like. Above all, this Awkarin was the best student who got the highest ranking in National Exam in Riau, and it means she is not a stupid student. But look at her now, she lives in Jakarta with bad lifestyle, clubbing, smoking, drinking, wearing mini shirt and skirt and worst of all, after graduating from the senior high school she tattooed her arm. We all can see it from her social media accounts especially her Instagram. 

This Awkarin phenomena should be our lesson. It is time for us to take care of our young generation, don’t let them do beyond their capacity as teenagers. Awkarin gives the bad impact, it’s proven by the comments from her followers saying that her relationship style or lifestyle is their goals. I’m afraid that they will be the next Awkarins and someday this young generation will lead this country and imagine what will this country be? The government should take the real act, they should be more serious about blocking the negative content on internet. When young generation are allowed to do whatever they want to do without being controlled by government, they will head to nothing.

I attended an English Writing workshop in my campus and I was asked to make an editorial, and this is my first editorial about the latest current issue. And FYI, my first English posting ever, since this editorial have reviewed by the instructor and she said this is ready to post. XD

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  1. contoh kepada anak2 yang tidak baik, mendidik anak2 jadi yang tidak pantas

  2. This is a good editorial and easy to understand.. Now I think my english posts is more terrible hahaha..

    Yap, awkarin is a good lesson for all of us, who are user of social media or parents, because maybe it's not just her parents issue, maybe brcausr she trapped in that kind of enviroment too.. IMHO ^^

  3. Awesome post.
    The wrods are really flowing through the end, just like the indonesian version of your post beforee

    Damn it yesterday I just saw that "breast surgery" video on instagram explore -__________-

  4. Well, the thing is, yang kayak gini udah banyak dari dulu, cuma bedanya sekarang ini orang bisa dengan mudah menyebarkan 'keburukan' (ataupun kebaikan) karena media komunikasi dan informasi berkembang sangat pesat.

    Nah, kembali lagi ke penggunanya: apakah mau penggunakan media komunikasi dan informasi ini dengan bijak/baik atau tidak.

  5. then you should do a good job "teach" the youngster. Lead them by example. I believe you can. And you will.


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